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What is an Online Girlfriend Experience?

An online girlfriend experience is a service usually provided by a female to a male. Those who do this say they provide companionship, friendship, and friendly chat within a secure online environment. It can also be done via text messages, chats, phone calls and even video calls.  Some turn it in to an online girlfriend side hustle.

What type of Man/Woman is looking for an Online Girlfriend Experience?

For many years it was mainly successful mature men/women at the top of their careers who were looking for an online Girlfriend or Online Boyfriend experience. They had the status and wealth which enabled them to show their younger partner a good time. The younger partner got to go to high end places they wouldn’t normally be able to afford to go to. They would also be gifted expensive material things. In effect becoming ‘ eye candy ‘ for their older partner. But today it’s no longer the preserve of the rich. Many every day men and women work long hours and don’t have time for a ‘ real ‘ gf or bf. This creates a demand and girls look to capitalize on it by turning it in to an online girlfriend side hustle.

They also don’t want the complications and pressure of an irl girlfriend or boyfriend. So many opt for an online girlfriend experience. This is mainly about finding an online female friend without the pressure of a full on (full time) gf. The online girlfriend can easily be put away (offline) if the man is too busy to chat. However; irl when two people are regularly in contact, one or the other can catch feelings. This can lead to one or the other wanting more than just online chats, which can lead to emotions coming in to play, and physical meets, which in turn can lead to an intimate relationship irl. If this happens the online girlfriend side hustle may have to be put on hold.

Men who want more than an Online Girlfriend Experience are turning to fans Content Creator Subscription Platforms like

Men who want an online relationship that has a sexual element to it are turning to fanbase content creator subscription platforms like an onlyfans alternative subscription platform. W+here adult content creators provide intimate photos, customised videos, and online chat that fans pay for before they can access them. This has become hugely popular since the covid-19 pandemic when most of the world quarantined at home at some point. Many men spent their time chatting to adult content creators and became besotted with their online girlfriend. Requesting personal intimate videos for a price determined by the content creators themselves. Many ‘ Fans ‘ found it addictive as content creators could monetize their photos/videos/physical products like used/worn panties.

This has resulted in many adult content creators on fan/model sites becoming very successful earning between $10k – $100k /month. The newest fan sites like allow adult content creators to create explicit content for fans. Rather than just have the typical model profiles which they also cater for. They realised that men want to connect with all types of girls/women, not just models. Their research showed that men find all types of online girlfriends arousing. Men wanted the girl/woman next door warts and all.

Women Online of All Shapes Sizes and Hues

So created over 300 categories that were inclusive of women of all shapes, sizes, hues, believing women could find at least 1 niches category even if it was a category that they themselves may deem is unattractive. But claim men want to see individual ‘ imperfect girls and women with flawed bodies ‘. Claiming women can monetize their ‘ unusual ‘ content from the privacy of their bedroom and ride out this cost of living crisis by using their skills as a content creator making it a major side hustle. But have received some complaints by women’s groups saying online girlfriends are selling photos & videos of themselves which isn’t morally right. As a result say they are now restructuring their ‘ inclusive ‘ categories, and will re open shortly.

They have hitherto had illicit categories for all female online girlfriend types to be listed under including eg; Boobs bigger than your head|Stretch marked honeyz|Large diameter areolas|Camel toe |Big labia|Deformed bodies|Flat pancake ass|Human Barbie doll|Hirsute pussy| Girls Bedtime Routine B4 Bed (videos) |Excess skin due to major weight loss| Jailbait (Incarcerated Honeyz 18+ on remand)|Innocent Teens who like dirty old men | Mastectomy & Operation Scars | Women with a Huge Belly/Gut| One Boob a lot Bigger than the Other |Saggy Low Hanging Wrinkled Veiny Granny Boobs |

Many are too rude to mention here, but they believe their inclusive (of all women) approach will give them wider acceptance among ‘ regular ‘ women who don’t have model figures and aren’t skinny 6 ft tall goddesses. They claim to offer fans for ‘ imperfect girls & women with flaws ‘ plus giving many single moms the ability to earn a living as an adult content creator, from their bedroom. With only a smartphone needed to open an account, as there are no upfront join fees. take 20% from a content creators earnings.

Is There a demand for a Sugar Daddy Online Girlfriend Experience?

In today’s world we all live busy lives. Down the centuries, those who have financial excess have cultivated relationships with those who have less than them. This is the reason for a plethora of sugar daddy type of websites and online girlfriend relationships. Each wants what the other hasn’t got. In sugar dating online girlfriend relationships, the wealthy man (or woman) generally has high end wealth and living, the younger girl or (toyboy) has a nubile body, and good looks. They balance each other out and get what each wants from the other.

Unfortunately, in sugar dating although there are some men who will just pay for the company of a beautiful woman, and not want anything more intimate.
They are more the exception than the rule. Most sugar daddies are looking for an intimate relationship, where they see their sugar baby once a week or fortnight. The sugar baby receives a monthly allowance that has to be negotiated at the outset. It starts as an online girlfriend.

This will vary from sugar baby to sugar baby, and the type of sugar daddy they engage with. Some sugar babies have several sugar daddies on the go to maximize their income. While some older wealthy men become infatuated with a sugar baby young enough to be their granddaughter.  Unscrupulous sugar babies will take advantage of this online girlfriend experience, using the situation to increase their monthly allowance substantially, while limiting intimacy, leaving the mature besotted male ‘ under her sugar baby thumb ‘.

How can a Regular Girl Provide an Internet Girlfriend Experience?

If you just want to provide an occasional Internet online girlfriend experience where it’s just chatting, and exchanging msgs, you won’t earn much. Anyhow, in such a scenario sooner or later most men will be asking for more (without increasing what they pay you). If you are a confident women who has no scruples about showing herself and can chat filth (you may have done this last sat night at a bar, and not charged a penny). If you know how to use your sexuality, and tease, you will have quickly worked out that most men are pervs and as stated on, irrespective of your shape, even if you have a humongous derriere,  are nursing sagged boobs, have tiny feet with high arches,  a pretty face and tiny waist, a stretch marked waist hips, ass. Pervy men and regular guys want to see it, and chat to you.

They will pay handsomely for the privilege of you being their online girlfriend. Are you happy to chat and show yourself? It’s up to you how much and what you show, but if you want top dollar, you know what you have to do, show & tell. As say on their FAQ page; If you are shy wear a mask, the type you’d wear to a masquerade ball. But does anyone really care? Young and old women (granny boobs that hang below your navel are apparently driving men wild). There are a quiet growing band of content creators who look just like you and me, who are quietly earning a fortune, twenty something’s and grannies paying off their mortgages as we speak. Who are we to judge them?

Is it Safe being An Online Internet Girlfriend?

With technology that can connect us in an instant all over the world. I’m told that making your fan page a success  doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard, graft to be a content creator or (online girlfriend), smart work ing, for at least 6 months to start to build a good number of fans. Then it can sky rocket, it’s down to you. It’s not easy, because now many people are trying it, but most don’t have the stamina needed for the first 6 months and give up early. If you are serious and want to pay off your mortgage in 2 years. Select your niche category very carefully, If you don’t have big boobs, don’t select big boobs as a category, because you won’t get any fans you’re your fried egg sized boobs. Select a category that truly reflects your physicality. I’d be in one boob considerably larger than the other category. First create your profile on twitter and other free social medias, more the merrier. 

Create a Following on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and other Social Media

Build up a following on all these different social medias like twitter, instagram facebook, tiktok, until you get at least 800 followers (on twitter) before opening an account on fan/model sites like (so you have an ongoing following of men who want an internet girlfriend and want to see you in the flesh (so to speak). When you open the fan site account). Keep the photos and videos on twitter in a ‘ teaser ‘ way, not explicit. Create accounts on other free social media, like facebook, insta, but posts on those 2 must be soft bikini type photos no nudes or they will delete your account. Don’t forget TikTok and all the others. When you open the fansite account where you will house your explicit content, do not neglect all the other free accounts you opened (listed above). Some men become very protective of their online girlfriend, and may get concerned if they don’t hear from you every few days. So you must  keep posting content to those as they will underpin your success on the fan site. Create accounts on other free social media, like facebook, insta, but posts on those 2 must be soft bikini type photos no nudes or they will delete your account. Don’t forget TikTok and all the others. When you open the fansite account where you will house your explicit content, do not neglect all the other free accounts you opened (listed above). Some men become very protective of their online girlfriend, and may get concerned if they don’t hear from you every few days. So you must  keep posting content to those as they will underpin your success on the fan site.

You must use free teaser photos/ short videos on the fansite to leave your fans salivating so much they will gladly pay to see your private photo and video files. You can even charge them to chat/reply to messages. Keep the hardcore stuff for the fan sites that now offer a platform for the content creator side hustle  Where you can charge for fans to see your private pics/videos. Many of our interactions are online today, spending time with someone doesn’t require a physical presence anymore. You can now earn a substantial income as an online girlfriend or adult content creator, from the comfort and safety of your bedroom.
Stay Safe! Be lucky!

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